Zpráva z MAFCSV: Alternative Brookwood

Because of Covid 19 the MAFCSA (Memorial Association for Free Czechoslovak Veterans) will be remembering the veterans at Brookwood this May in a slightly different way.

Please see the message below from Mrs Gerry Manolas, Chair, and if you can help, please reply to her at chair@mafcsv.co.uk   

 If you are descendants of a veteran or just have an interest in them, we need your support. We are asking you to send a photo of yourselves or maybe a short video of you with a picture of your veteran and a short message. You should include their name, rank and squadron or regiment if you want and their dates, and explain briefly why they are special to you.

These should then be emailed over to chair@mafcsv.co.uk before May 1st so we have time to organise them for the day.

Further details about the day and what we are hoping to achieve will be emailed out soon and put up on our Facebook and social media pages.

Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for trying to help us do something a little different.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Gerry Manolas


07711 612996